More About Sustainability Corner

Sustainability Corner is a…

  • Global dialogue on issues affecting all aspects of the health and continuation of life on earth
  • Way for people to voice their thoughts on environmental issues affecting them, regardless of their background
  • Launching pad for new green projects, technologies, policies, actions or ideas
  • Way to raise awareness of sustainability issues among the general public
  • Provider of hope for tackling what are often seen as unmanageable global problems by highlighting positive practical actions, tools and approaches
  • Medium for sharing valuable information between professionals working on sustainability initiatives around the world
  • Tool to empower and give voice to individuals, small organizations and others who are often disenfranchised from conventional media
  • Highly accessible database of thoughts and ideas on sustainability

Sustainability Corner has been made possible through the support of our generous partners and sponsors. To learn more about using this site, please click here or consult our site map. Sustainability Corner is a project of the EcoSmart Foundation, a Vancouver-based Canadian not-for-profit organization that works to further the innovation and adoption of new technologies and ways of working that are both ecologically and economically smart. EcoSmart works predominantly, but not exclusively, on issues affecting the construction and building industry.

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