Using Sustainability Corner

Each Sustainability Corner video clip is categorized according to topic or type of solution as well as by the participantÍs name, location, organization and the event where the clip was filmed.
There are a number of ways to search for video clips:

  • By Topic or Solution Browse through the Topics or Solutions sections of the site, which can be accessed through the top menu of this website. Associated videos will be listed within each category.
  • By Name, Country or Organization of participant Video clips may be sorted by clicking on the category column headings in the All Videos List, which can be accessed on the left menu of this website.
  • By Event (conference) Lists of video clips taken at particular conferences can be found in the Events section, which can be accessed through the top menu of this website. Clips may also be sorted by clicking on the Event column heading in the All Videos List.
  • By Keyword Simply enter words into the Search box near the top right of the website.

You can also consult our Site Map. The site currently lists over 300 video clips from participants representing more than 50 countries. The average clip length is 1-2 minutes. If you are interested in using a clip, please consult our Legal page.

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