Toronto Regional Green Building Festival (GBF)

Building on the success of WUF, the Sustainability Corner visited the Toronto Regional Green Building Festival during the autumn of 2006 to capture what some of the delegates there thought about sustainability.
Organized by The Green Building Alliance, the 2nd Annual Toronto Regional Green Building Festival took place October 31-November 1, 2006. The event highlighted the impact of integration and its role in transforming the market to higher efficiency. The Festival brought together products, service providers, utilities, developers, designers and all levels of government for an inspiring and informative event around sustainable planning, design and construction. In attendance were over three hundred delegates from a range of professions, including: developers, architects, building owners & operators, consulting engineers, designers and planners, energy utilization & renewable energy experts, environmental consultants, and policy makers from all levels of government The event included the core conference and trade show and was supplemented by specialized training, design workshops, and in-depth breakout sessions. The tradeshow showcased over 40 exhibitors displaying the latest products and services for the green buildings industry. Highlighting innovative products and systems, the features of the festivalÍs tradeshow demonstrated the advancement and growth of the green building sector. A feature exhibit for the 2006 trade show was EcoSmartÍs Sustainable Condo.
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