Gavin Baxter

Gavin Baxter
OrganisationGeorge Brown College School of Design
CityToronto, ON
Green Building Festival
Toronto, Canada
Tue 31 Oct 2006 – Wed 1 Nov 2006″*”
DateWed 1 Nov 2006
AbstractGavin Baxter and Reema Kanwar are students of the Institute Without Boundaries, an interdisciplinary program through George Brown College School of Design. The Institute’s World House Project is about creating a global system of housing that focuses on sustainability and universal design, specifically by incorporating locally available materials and responding to local peoples’ needs. The housing system aims to confront many of the problems associated with housing around the world, such as energy consumption, urban sprawl, slums and unhealthy living conditions. The main characteristic of the integrated design process (IDP) used in the project, and in sustainability generally, is to bring together people from many backgrounds to work on problems and offer ideas. The World House Project is more than just a design exercise as the plan is to share its outcomes with the world.
TopicsSocial JusticeSustainable CitiesEnergyLand UseHealth, Well-being & Social SustainabilityHousing and ShelterGreen Building and DesignEnergy and Climate Change SolutionsResources and Material SolutionsHealth and Well-being SolutionsToronto Regional Green Building Festival (GBF)