Mark Salerno (#2)

Mark Salerno (#2)
OrganisationCanada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC)
CityToronto, ON
Green Building Festival
Toronto, Canada
Tue 31 Oct 2006 – Wed 1 Nov 2006″*”
DateWed 1 Nov 2006
AbstractCMHC assists with the financing of green buildings through a couple of incentives. Through the Premium Refund program, purchasers get a 10% rebate on mortgage insurance premiums for buildings that have been certified to one of several standards of energy efficiency (Energy Star, LEED, Commercial Building Incentive Program, etc). The other aspect of CMHC’s support for buyers of green buildings is that mortgages can be amortized up to 35 years. This creates opportunities for first time buyers and others at the lower end of the market to purchase more sustainable buildings, even if there are slightly higher upfront costs.
TopicsHousing and ShelterGreen Building and DesignPolicy and GovernanceToronto Regional Green Building Festival (GBF)