Graham Hart

Graham Hart
OrganisationForbo Linoleum Inc.
CityRichmond Hill, Ontario
Green Building Festival
Toronto, Canada
Tue 31 Oct 2006 – Wed 1 Nov 2006″*”
DateWed 1 Nov 2006
AbstractMarmoleaum is a natural long-lasting flooring material. The product is made from linseed oil from the flax plant as well as wood flour, jute, and natural resins & pigmentation. The product does not contain cadmium, lead or heavy metals; has anti-allergenic properties; and is an alternative to toxic vinyl and carpet (that can harbour mould and dust mites). Marmoleum’s long life reduces material use and it will biodegrade in a land-fill. It is also a LEED certified product.
TopicsGreen Building and DesignResources and Material SolutionsHealth and Well-being SolutionsToronto Regional Green Building Festival (GBF)