David Dungate

David Dungate
OrganisationFirst American Scientific
WUF Business Engagement Forum
Vancouver, Canada
Thu 22 Jun 2006 – Thu 22 Jun 2006″*”
DateThu 22 Jun 2006
AbstractFirst American Scientific has created the EnergyCabin heating system to replace fossil fuel burning systems. It incorporates solar hot water panels and wood burning pellets, and is computer controlled. The wood pellets burn cleanly and efficiently. Dungate demonstrates this product, which is used in hotels, hospitals and residential developments in Europe.
Web Sitehttp://www.fasc.net/
TopicsResources and Material SolutionsGreen Building and DesignEnergy and Climate Change SolutionsEnergy and EngineeringWUF Business Engagement Forum (BEF)World Urban Forum (WUF)

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