Energy and Climate Change Solutions

Energy and Climate Change Technical Solutions involve products, services and technologies that have the common goals of reducing energy consumption, fossil fuel demand, air pollution, and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions.
While there is certainly no easy technical fix to solve climate change, innovation has a part to play in avoiding or mitigating environmental damage. There are many options for using technology to reduce energy-related damage:

  1. Optimizing energy efficiency in industrial process, transportation, buildings, lighting, electrical equipment, appliances, hot water equipment, HVAC, etc.
  2. Using or producing renewable or alternative energy. Solar, tidal, wind, biomass, biogas or geothermal sources are some possibilities.
  3. Reducing overall energy demand. Examples would be changing transportation planning and technologies, reducing the size of equipment and building, reusing lost heat, and adapting products and services to meet exact needs without using energy recklessly.
  4. Reduce or eliminate air emissions such as HCFC and Halons. (in HVAC systems), common air contaminants (PM10, SOx, NOx, VOC) and Greenhouse Gases (CO2, methane).