Health and Well-being Solutions

Health and well-being solutions involve products, services, technologies and approaches that prevent or eliminate toxic, unhealthy or uncomfortable living environments.
Human wellness starts with the individual but just as important is the sustainability of larger social factors, such as community, culture, religion, ethnicity, and economic or political system. Strategies to work toward greater health, well-being and social sustainability may include:

  • Reducing toxics, carcinogens, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), allergens and other air bourn irritants and toxins by avoiding such materials, especially in construction and manufacturing
  • Increasing funding and support for programmes that prevent and combat illness and disease
  • Maintaining emotional or spiritual balance, both on a personal and community level
  • Ensuring all citizens have access to healthy food and clean water
  • Generating nutritional awareness and physical fitness programs in schools
  • Working with indigenous groups and lawmakers to protect traditional knowledge of medicine and ways of healing