Resources and Material Solutions

Resources and material technical solutions include products, services and technologies with the common goals of reducing material consumption and transportation, demand on non-renewable or virgin material, solid waste, and material environmental impacts.
Methods and strategies to achieve these goals include: 1. Optimizing material efficiency by using high performance structural material, designing for durability, using rapidly renewable material such as fast growing wood or bamboo. 2. Reusing material, equipment and components, and recycling material content such as steel, concrete, fly ash, slag, wood, aluminum, metals (copper, zinc, etc), electronic waste, plastic, rubber, paint, solvent, etc. 3. Reducing solid waste through such waste management principles as: preventing waste by using smart packaging, breakage prevention, or pre-fabricationreusing; collecting & classifying reusable or recyclable waste; and ensuring proper waste disposal 4. Reducing environmental impacts by using local or regional materials (thus reducing transportation) and using eco-certified wood or other non-toxic and sustainably harvested materials.