EcoSmartâ„¢ Foundation Inc. is a non-profit Canadian corporation based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We develop activities and projects fostering technical solutions towards a sustainable economy.
Our focus is on enabling the building industry to innovate and adopt new technologies that will reduce GHG emissions in a manner that is ecologically and economically smart.

For more information about the EcoSmart Foundation, visit us at http://www.ecosmart.ca

What is EcoSmart concrete?

Ecosmart Concrete aims to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the production of Portland cement for use in concrete construction.

To produce EcoSmart concrete, the Portland cement in a concrete mixture is partially replaced with an optimum amount of supplementary cementing material(s), while maintaining or improving cost, concrete performance, and constructability.

EcoSmart concrete is not a proprietary technology or a rigid formula; rather, it is a customer-friendly way of describing concrete that is optimized to achieve the least environmental impact with no adverse effect on construction schedule and costs, or on the quality and performance of the concrete.

Rather than supply the concrete materials, we provide technical support to project teams, and help to develop standards, guidelines and specifications.This includes connecting concrete suppliers, owners and developers, structural designers and concrete contractors to use

Our objective is to enhance and share the growing knowledge and experience about EcoSmart concrete. We are achieving this through technology innovation, demonstration projects, and knowledge management. The knowledge base provides access to EcoSmart case study and technical reports, presentations and experts.